Our history

A property of agricultural origin, owned by the family of a former maritime pilot of the Suez Canal, a family from the village of Lourdas.

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Why Saint-Jean?

The name “Saint-Jean” is explained by the fact that the estate has a Byzantine Chapel built in the 17th century, bearing the name of Saint-Jean the Baptist, preacher of the coming of Christ and protector of the shepherds.

To this day, the ruins of the Chapel are hidden behind bushes left voluntarily in the wild. The place is named after Saint John the Baptist, a major figure in Christianity and Islam.

Orthodox bells ringing

The days preceding the religious holiday of August 15th, it is possible to hear in the distance the ringing of some bell towers as well as the liturgical words of an Orthodox priest. The exceptional light is blessed by Saint John the Baptist and by the Gods.
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kefalonia villa saint jean

culture & nature

The Saint-Jean estate has several agricultural platters arranged in terraces.

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Pool area

Main terrace with direct access
to living room / kitchen spaces.
Main Lunch and Dining area.

Olive grove area

Lounge patio space surrounded
by orange and mandarines trees.
Zen area with dining area.

Fruits trees and/or vegetable
garden (depending on seasons).

Bedrooms area with private
balcony-terrace space.

Fitness area

Tennis table area

Producing olive oil

The olive trees of Villa Saint-Jean produce high quality extra virgin, cold-pressed olive oil.

Visitors will be able to test the estate oil if they wish.

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lourdata villa saint jean
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With nature's rhythm

A flock of sheep is noticeable in spring and fall. After Easter, the shepherds take the animals on transhumance to the adjacent hill.